About Us

Ag-Challenge Consulting Pty Ltd provides professional and independent agricultural advisory services to the dairy, beef, potato and other high rainfall and irrigation based industries.

The services provided are primarily technical and include feed budgeting, crop monitoring, grazing management, fertilizer programs, farm design, agronomy and herd management. Services to the farming community extend to business planning, cash flow budgeting, training, agricultural loss assessment, and dispute resolution.

To the broader rural community, Ag-Challenge Consulting also provides specialist advice on recycled water project design and management, land capability assessment, project management, (independent) expert witness, discussion group facilitation, field day leadership and executive officer services.

The company has always based its work and advice on the principals of sustainability, both economic sustainability and environmental sustainability.

Introducing our team

Glenn Marriott B. Ag. Sci. (Hons)

Glenn has been with Ag-Challenge Consulting and Land Safe since 2007 and is now a Principal Consultant and Director.

Glenn has a broad skillset, with specialist knowledge in both soils for sustainable recycled water irrigation and dairy farm consulting. Glenn provides consultancy services to Dairy and Meat processing facilities, Water Authorities and Shire Councils, along with dairy and beef farmers.

Glenn specialises in Land Capability Assessment (LCAs), Functional Irrigation System Design and Health & Environmental Management Plans (HEMPs) for recycled water and biosolids projects. This includes the assessment of land and the development of sustainable agricultural and environmental management practices in addition to irrigation system design and risk planning.

Jeff Urie B. Ag. Sci.

Jeff Urie was a co-founder of Ag-Challenge Pty Ltd and since 1988 has been a Principal Agricultural Consultant and Company Director. He has extensive knowledge of all matters relating to dairying and the dairy industry, having worked in the industry since 1981.

Jeff's main focus is on person to person dairy and beef consultancy, but he is also well grounded in the field of group extension activities, co-ordinating three dairy discussion groups per month.

Before entering the dairy scene, Jeff was a soils expert with the Soil Conservation Authority, where he played a leading role in conducting land surveys, and the development of sustainable practices within domestic water supply catchments.

Tony Pitt B. Ag. Sci. (Hons.), M. Ag. Sc.

Tony has a dual background in both soil science and agronomy. He was formerly employed within the public sector, initially by the Soil Conservation Authority as a research officer and then by the Department of Agriculture as an industry agronomist.

Tony has been active in private consulting since 1989 and the current work areas include design and monitoring of recycled water projects in Victoria, land capability assessments for agriculture and other uses, salinity management and irrigation design. Tony has specific knowledge of irrigation design and management and also brings financial analytical tools to the consultancy group.

Kirralee Loveday B. Ag. 

Kirralee graduated with a Bachelor of Agriculture at The University of Melbourne in 2020. Since joining the team of Ag-Challenge Consulting in 2021, “Kirri” has shown as passion for agriculture and a thirst for knowledge. Kirri has exemplary interpersonal skills and a flair for reporting on scientific principles. Kirralee is a key member of the Ag-Challenge team who can effectively deliver on complex projects, where critical thinking is required.

Since joining Ag-Challenge Consulting, Kirri has been involved in the delivery of soil monitoring for a range of clients including Water Authorities, Milk and Meat Processing facilities across Victoria. Kirri is competent in the development of Farm Nutrient Management Plans for dairy and beef farms using Fert$mart principles. Kirri has been working closely with Jeff Urie during on farm dairy consultancy visits and dairy discussion groups.

In addition to her computer skills and high level of writing ability Kirri has strong interpersonal skills and easily relates to people