The range of projects we support include:

  • Soil monitoring, recycled water
  • Crop monitoring, Potatoes
  • Independent Expert Witness
  • Dairy Monitor Farms Project
  • Land Capability Assessment
  • Environmental Management Compliance
  • Reuse Project Design

Soil monitoring, recycled water

On-going soils monitoring and annual review of recycled water use is an integral part of ensuring that the sustainability of farms using recycled water is preserved.

Ag-Challenge Consulting manage and report on the soils monitoring of a number of these projects for water authorities across Victoria. Private reuse projects are also monitored.


Crop monitoring, potatoes

Ag-Challenge Consulting provides an annual service to potato growers to monitor the nutritional status of plant foliage and customise the fertiliser applications to meet plant needs.

The focus is the variety Russet Burbank, but other cultivars with long growing periods and high yield potential are included at regular intervals during early and middle growth periods.

Independent Expert Witness

In legal proceedings, whether it be for a planning matter or in loss assessment for a court, the role of Ag-Challenge Consulting is independent and is primarily involved to assist and advise the court.

Agricultural productivity and the adverse or beneficial impacts of specific management is the key focus of our role as an expert witness. The dairy, beef, potato and vegetable industries are our main areas of focus.

Dairy Monitor Farms Project

Ag-Challenge Consulting works closely with the farm manager of the monitor farm and facilitates farm walks and fields days as part of the dairy monitor farms project.

The monitor farms impact on the operation of several hundred farmers within a farming district and are a major mechanism for creating innovation and promoting farm best practice.

Land Capability Assessment

Land Capability Assessments (LCA) are undertaken for a number of sensitive land uses, particularly where that land use may cause off-site effects, or where the land use itself is subject to hazard. Ag-Challenge Consulting have undertaken LCAs for domestic water supply catchments and for forestry conservation projects.

The EPA Onsite Wastewater Management Code of Practice requires an LCA for major subdivisions or for individual sites in sensitive areas. Soils, geology, terrain and land use are the focus of the Land Capability Assessments.

Environmental Management Compliance

Ag-Challenge Consulting has been contracted to prepare environmental management plans (EMP) for a number of wastewater irrigation sites in Victoria.

The EMP for each site must be fully compliant with EPA guidelines and include a system for internal review. Each EMP provides full details as to how the site is to be managed and monitored and the various trigger points and procedures to be used in the event of a risk event occurring.

Reuse Project Design

Ag-Challenge Consulting often works with other technical specialists in water quality and environmental engineering for the design of wastewater reuse projects.

Work is commonly staged into concept plans with comparative options, preliminary costs, full design with environmental compliance and preparation of operational plans and review procedures